The Movement LAB in Salzburg
A weekend Immersion with Amber Ryan (U.S.A) Co-Founder of The 360 Emergence

Salzburg, 22-23.September 2023

Akademiestraße 21
5020 Salzburg

Friday 19:00 - 21:30
Saturday 11:00 - 17.00

Beatrice Kraus,

The 360 Movement Lab with Amber Ryan
In this two day Movement Lab, we will step into the foundational practices of The 360 Emergence,
Taking a spin on The 360 Compass wheel and opening our awareness 360 degrees.
With our physical bodies as the main gateway, and our human experience our guide, we will uncover
and remember the most subtle parts of ourselves, realign from that location of essence, and move back into the world of from that deep place of inner knowing.
In The 360 Emergence we practice the art of seeing and being seen.
We step bravely into the circle to take our place of belonging.
We listen and learn from the intelligence within ourselves, from others, and from the circle itself.
In The 360 Emergence we practice seeing through different lenses so we may gain different perspectives.
We practice sharing our embodied voice with grace and strength as a landscape of maturity.
If this excites you or calls you, we look forward to meeting you in the circle.

What is The 360 Emergence ?
The 360 Emergence is an embodiment, free-form, spirit-driven movement practice motivated by an ethic of care and justice
that bridges dance and personal growth, rigor and freedom, individuality and the global collective.
The 360 Emergence offers a movement map that is a journey of discovery, healing,
and actualization. We create a community of communities
that connect local embodied practice to a global embodiment movement.

Unser Team



Co-Founder of The 360 Emergence

Amber Ryan is an embodiment architect and maestra sound smith in the world of movement meditation and ecstatic dance. With crystalline clarity, she delivers distilled somatic instruction taking you on a movement music journey into the trance of the dance. Amber’s style of leadership invites presence + somatic awareness, freedom in the form, and space to tune in + be moved by your own inner guide. Amber is co-founder of The 360 Emergence, along side Kate Shela. She has led groups and experiences at Envision Festival, Wanderlust Festival, Omega Institute, Ester Perel’s Sessions Live, Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Eileen Fisher’s Learning Lab and many dance floors across the globe. She was a student of the late Gabrielle Roth, and currently studies with Yoga Rupa Rod Stryker.